Welcome to the ETEAM website!

What is ETEAM? It’s a new mathematics team competition for high school students, the first edition of which will be held this July in Luxembourg. The name stands for European Tournament of Enthusiastic Apprentice Mathematicians.

ETEAM, what does it involve?

  1. Mathematical problems with open formulations only part of which is entirely known by the authors, but are accessible with high-school level tools, and which should be largely accessible and partially solved with the high school knowledge, are published at the beginning of April.
  2. Teams of 4 to 6 high-school students, usually supervised by a teacher or a researcher, work on the problems for a few months, and submit a written solution to at least 6 of the problems;
  3. Then, at the beginning of July, they debate with the other participants on their solutions in front of a jury of researchers.

The aim is firstly to simulate research: open problems, a work and writing phase, then peers who give feedback; but also a presentation in front of a jury.

The first edition of the tournament will take place

at the University of Luxembourg, 8-12 July 2024